Ping Lapbook

So here is the lapbook that we completed on the Story About Ping. We used a Hands of a Child Project Pack on the Story About Ping as well as resources from Enchanted Learning, Homeschool Share, and our local library!

The left flap contains a book with a map of the world where Hailey colored in the country of China. It also has a pocket with several pictures of different homes of people that live in China.

Inside there is a model of the sun showing that it rises in the east and sets in the west on the left. The middle has a colored picture of China’s flag at the top, a picture of the junk boat that Ping lived on, and a picture of the Yangtze River that Hailey stamped with the total number of family members that Ping had. The right flap breaks down the number of family members that Ping had.

On the second side of the folder we made a large diagram of the lifecycle of a duck using pictures we copied from a library book. The left and right flaps contain pictures of a duck and a cormorant (possibly the diving ducks from the story) to show the differences. The yellow duck shows the names of different types of ducks (diving, dabbling, etc).

The back flap contains the pocket with the story order pictures and a diagram of the anatomy of a duck (again from a library book). We also added on a page that showed our experiment on which objects would float or sink in water.

The final section has a dictation where Hailey made up her own story about Ping.

Ta Da!


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  1. HI there. Where did you get the sun set and rises pintout. I have been looking and cannot find it. Thanks

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