Today’s Nature Walk

Today was a yet another beautiful sunny day, so we headed outside for a a bit of a nature walk. What was the first thing we saw. A gorgeous great blue heron!


We stopped by the pond out back and saw a plethora of little minnows in the shallows.


And a little blue damselfly flitting around.


When we turned around we were greeted by two of the local Canadian geese ready for a swim.


On the way back to the house we came across this little buckeye butterfly.


The other day it was really, really windy out and I was surprised to see this little guy trying to cling on to a blade of grass. Every once in a while he would get blown off and would quickly try to attach to another blade. You can see how his wings were kind of blown around.


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  1. I’ve given you an award and you can pick it up at my blog You have a lovely blog!

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