Down on the Farm Lapbook

As our little school opened its doors officially for the year we decided to have some fun and start things out with this Down on the Farm Lapbook from Hands of a Child. While not very in depth it was still fun and proved to be good for Charlie, our 2 year old, to be able to participate more than would usually be possible.

This lapbook had several preschool to kindergarten level activities that the kids really enjoyed. The front cover of our lapbook shows a picture that Hailey drew from the Draw Write Now Series of a barn and some chickens.

The inside shows a red barn with cards of mother and baby animals to be matched together. Under the barn is a planting a garden booklet that shows different plants of a vegetable garden. The left flap demonstrated the difference between small, medium, and large. The right flap shows color and animal recognition flap book with animals that were cut out and colored under each flap.

The second side of the folder shows yellow pockets separating the different fruits and vegetables by color, a blue pocket with animal pictures that the children should be able to identify the sound that each makes. There is also a counting accordion book and a flap book where Hailey sorted the different types of fruits and vegetable based on the types of plants that they grow on (underground, tree, bush, or vine). Hailey did a sponge painting of a cow.

The back flap shows the poem of the Five Little Ducks and a pocket with Mama and baby ducks to use while saying the poem together with your kids. They really enjoyed doing this by themselves after they had memorized the poem.

On the back cover we printed out some outlines of a pig and made a booklet of each outline colored to mimic the coloration of different pigs from around the world. The last one was from Hailey’s imagination though! The blue pocket on the bottom holds cards of a farm scene with tractors for counting practice.

All in all I was happy with the opening of the school year. The work was not in depth, but definitely got us on track to have fun and learn!


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  1. Thanks for sharing I could use this next week to go with my Farming lesson!!!

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