January Book Basket

As you can see our January Book Basket is chock full of books. The majority of the books were borrowed from the library, but some are pulled from our own shelves. I love getting new books, but I try to keep the number down since we move so often.

Here is a condensed list for when you head to the library. I did group them by call number so that you aren’t running all over the place like I am trying to keep track of which books you already have!

  • Red Fox Running ~ Y PICTURE BUNTING, E.
  • Albert the Bear ~ Y PICTURE BUTTERWORTH, N.
  • It Feels Like Snow ~ Y PICTURE COTE, N.
  • Elmer in the Snow ~ Y PICTURE MCKEE, D.
  • The Jacket I Wear in the Snow ~ Y PICTURE NEITZEL, S.
  • The Snow Princess ~ Y PICTURE SANDERSON, R.
  • Now It Is Winter ~ Y PICTURE SPINELLI, E
  • Winter on the Farm (My First Little House) ~ Y PICTURE WINTER
  • Tracks in the Snow ~ Y PICTURE YEE, W.
  • Sleep, Black Bear, Sleep ~ Y PICTURE YOLEN, J.
  • Manatee Winter (Smithsonian Oceanic)~ Y PICTURE ZOEHFELD, K.
  • The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter SolsticeY 394.261 PFEFFER
  • Japanese Celebrations: Cherry Blossoms, Lanterns and Stars! ~Y394.26952 REYNOLDS
  • Explore Winter: 25 Great Ways to Learn About Winter (Explore Your World series) ~ Y508.2 ANDERSON
  • Snow (Ganeri, Anita, Weather Around You.) ~ Y551.5784 GANERI
  • Penguin Chick (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science) ~ Y 598.47 TATHAM

Getting it Together

Okay, so we have finished rowing our first week (and a half) of The Story About Ping. After first going through the suggestions made in Five in a Row I was ready to get off to a running start. Since I am planning on doing lapbooks with each of the stories that we row I knew that I would need a little guidance to get started. I found loads of information on HomeschoolShare.com. The folks at HSS have very generously put together tons of wonderful information based off of the same literature based model as FIAR, as well as some Unit studies. I spent quite a bit of time poking around here since they have a section dedicated to FIAR supplements – perfect for lapbooking. This was also where I learned about a couple of other wonderful websites.

Enchantedlearning.com requires a 20 dollar per year membership to access most of their resources, but I consider it money well-spent. They have a great selection of crafts, worksheets, graphics, facts, and coloring pages to supplement whatever you may be studying at the moment.

HandsofaChild.com is an excellent resource, especially for those new to lapbooking and unit studies. They offer downloadable Project Packs as well as those that are in a printed format. They have already done a lot of your work for you by gathering graphics and consolidating questions for you to review with your little one. I just love all of the movable graphics that were available to use in the Story About Ping Project Pack!

Tomorrow I will post about our first week of rowing the Story About Ping and hopefully some pictures too!