Chaos Reined In!

Well, last night I might of lost my cool just a bit. I walked into what was supposed to be the family room, but rather resembled a disaster area. The kids love to take the pillows off of all the couches and chairs and toss them around the room. Actually, they say that they are building forts, or towers, but to me it just looks like a giant mess.

So, I usually don’t put up much of a fuss over a few pillows, but when numerous toys have emerged from who-knows-where to cover the floor, the books have been scattered about, and the pictures on the wall are askew – I kind of just lose it!



The punishment? Chore Day! The kids have had to follow me around all day assisting in doing each chore I have to accomplish in the day. Laundry, folding,  ironing, emptying the dishwasher, making meals, sweeping, tidying up. This really turned out to be much better than I thought.  Typically, I get whining when I ask them to clean their rooms or tidy their toys, but they really enjoyed being able to help out so much, and I didn’t have to worry about making sure they were occupied while I was busy. Granted, everything wasn’t done perfectly, but it did all get done – and quickly too!

We finished up early and took a nature walk. So the punishment actually turned into a blessing for everyone.