Back to School

After the holidays its always difficult to get back into your regular routine.  We took pretty much the whole month of December off. It not that we weren’t doing anything. We certainly managed to keep busy! Lots of holiday books and snuggles, family baking time, and focusing on the meaning of the season filled the hours each day.

On Monday we started back to our school routine. Hailey had actually started begging to start school several days before. There is nothing like an excited student to get you moving! The first day was a little rough, but that was certainly to be expected. No tears were shed and thus, my goal was achieved.

Tuesday was so absolutely gorgeous. Who knew that we would be experiencing a 80+ degree sunny day in early January! So, we took the lessons out- of-doors for the day.



The dog enjoyed the fresh air too.


Alas, it was not to last. This morning we awoke to some extremely windy and stormy weather. The cold will be returning tonight.


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