Storm in the Night Lapbook

So here is our completed lapbook for our the Storm in the Night. We used some materials from Homeschool Share, but for the most part I made my own graphics for this one. Feel free to click on the links and download them for your own personal not-for-profit use.

The left flap involved a discussion on how our bodies change as well as how our roles change as we get older. I used a cute picture that I found here. The right flap has a Venn diagram depicting the characteristics of Grandfather and Thomas and a Vocabulary flap book with pictures for the vocabulary words errands, bough, and mandarin. We added in the word babbling and wrote “blah, blah, blah” under the flap. In the middle you can see our introduction to onomatopoeia. Hailey now shouts out “Onomatopoeia” every time she recognizes one in a book. You can get those graphics here. We made a facial expressions booklet. And the book about our listening walk.

The second side of the folder shows a large diagram of the Water cycle in the middle. The cloud booklet opens up and shows the water droplets that a cloud is made of. Then the raindrops were drawn directly on the folder. The left flap has a pocket with pictures of 4 different cloud types.  I got the cloud pictures here.The pocket on the right flap is holding cloud charts that we used each day to see if we could predict the weather by observing the clouds.

On the back cover is the painting that Hailey did with a dark background.

To find out more in depth about what we did during the week check out the previous post! Next week we will be doing BATS!


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