Our Curriculum

So we have decided to make the basis of our curriculum based off of the Five in a Row model. We are now the proud owners of Five in a Row Volume 1 and are waiting patiently for Volume 3 to arrive as well. Five in a Row is a literature based model. Each week we choose a book listed and form our studies by pulling from the book. I had never really thought about it, but our story time was actually learning time after all. As long as we made sure to take the time and explain questions that come up, it is amazing what you can learn and build upon from classic children’s stories.

We have already been working on reading and handwriting. For reading we are using Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons . I was skeptical at first since it seemed to be a fairly strict learning method, but we have adapted it to our needs and it is so enjoyable to see how quickly Hailey is progressing. While 100 Easy Lessons has handwriting practice in each lesson, I have opted to skip these as we are teaching cursive first. She started by working on the letters of her name though we are not joining letters yet. I am using a wonderful handwriting program StartWrite that allows you to create handwriting practice sheets in whatever method of writing you choose. My favorite part is that you get to change the font size!

I was planning on waiting until after our move before we started, but Hailey was making sure to ask me several times a day when we were going to start school. I just couldn’t take it anymore :). Of course, ever since we have started she is continually asking “Can we do more school now mommy?” So, I guess that I really haven’t solved anything after all!

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