Venturing into the unknown . . .

Well, we have finally gotten up the courage to say that we are definitely going to homeschool our children. You wouldn’t think that it was such a huge hurdle since I was homeschooled myself from about 8th grade on; However, its a totally different thing when you think about the responsibility of educating your own children.

Of course, then you start to rationalize it when you think about how it will be so wonderful to know exactly what your children are doing, and the very best way for them to grasp each knew idea that is introduced. Are they ready? Do we need to go faster? Slower? A school that is perfectly tailored to their individual learning styles, their strengths and weaknesses, and their interests. This school intertwines with your life and helps your family to grow in a way you never thought possible. Sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

We will begin our journey over the next several weeks as we move to Florida, set up camp in Jacksonville, and find the best ways to nurture our children’s inherent love of learning.

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